English Ministry Pastor

Pastor Sam "Seongmin" Lee
English Ministry & Youth Group Pastor
Senior High Bible Study Group, College Small Group leader

School: Reformed Theology Seminary
Major: Master of Divinity
Feb.25.1983//Seoul, S. Korea
Status: Married to "HeeYun Kim" and has a daughter "Suzie"

Hobbies & Favorite Activities: Soccer, Biking
Favorite Food: Ramen//Least Favorite Food: Asian Buffets
Favorite Bible Passage(s): Matthew 6:33 "Sometimes I worry about many things in my life; family, financial issues, school, future, etc..but what I need to do is focus and observe God's command and to live a righteous life as His child. That should be my focus."

"My Vision for this EM Ministry is to challenge them to live as God's Holy People. To live by the Holy Spirit. To live for the glory of God."

Dear Fruit Bearing Life Ministry family,

There is a Truth that people in this world cannot understand. But we are the people who know the Truth and that Truth is that we know that God is our Father, King, and Lord. And that we are His children, people, and heirs. God blesses those who love Him by obeying and observing His commandments: to love God and our neighbors. This ministry is help you guys to enjoy God's blessing and presence in your lives. I invite you guys to join us with this holy and precious journey together.
                                                                                               ~Pastor Sam Lee