Leaders & Staff

Paul Lee
UCF '05//Visual Arts

English Ministry/Youth Group Director&Media/Online Director//High School Small Group Leader
Nov.10.1980//Queens, New York
Hobbies & Favorite Activities: Videography, Photography, Tech Junkie, Video Games, Jogging, Movies
Favorite Food: Chinese, Hotdogs, Popcorn, Sushi//Least Favorite Food: Curry, Frog Legs
Favorite Bible Passage(s): John 15:1-8 "I love this passage cause it explains the total evidence of his power at work within us. Its so touching to see how Jesus uses the analogy of a vine and its branches that describes our intimate relationship with Him."

Vision/Mission: "You know I believe that EVERYTHING has a beginning and an end. God is the ALPHA and the OMEGA. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and in the end HE will reign. I believe God has called me into ministry to be part of the beginning. There are many churches out there that has great things going on, with varieties of ministry departments, outstanding services & worship sessions, great leaders who preaches God's word with a passion. GOD BLESS THOSE CHURCHES! But where does it all start?? How does it start?? It starts with a seed. My mission is to be there for people who are seeking for a Savior. Who are seeking for forgiveness & redemption. Who are seeking for answers. Who are seeking for Love. Not my love but God's love. To help START their journey on a path that directs their way towards our loving Father in Heaven. From their to watch God raise them up, to see them grow, and mature spiritually. Then seeing them find the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with and finally using them to preach the Gospel, about the love of God, about the blood of Jesus Christ. This is the Bearing Fruit Project. This is my vision, this is my calling."

Message to FKPCO family: "God loves you. God loves all of you. How do I know? Cause I love you all. God's loving you through me. God's loving all of you through all the leaders. You want more proof? Close your eyes right now. Call on Him. Do you feel it? That's Him saying He loves you. You see guys that's what its all about. His LOVE FOR US!! That no matter who we are, or what we do in life He loves us so. Because He is love. Let's love Him in return. Let's love to be more like Christ. Let's FIGHT to love Him more. And its time for us to love others the way He love us. Even to those that don't give it (especially your enemies), you give them that love anyways. This is all TRUE LOVE. True love doesn't depend on the lovableness of the object but on the character of the subject. So the more we love, the more we become like Jesus Christ. I thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity for God to use me in this Fruit Bearing Life Ministry."

David Rhim
UCF '12//Micro Biology

Praise&Worship Director//

DOB: May.06.1988//Seoul, South Korea
Hobbies & Favorite Activities: Swimming, Fishing, Camping, Watersports
Favorite Food: "I am a Carnivore"//Least Favorite Food: "Any food with Hair in it"
Favorite Bible Passage(s): Philippians 3:12 & John 16:19-22 "Never give up on God's work!"

Vision/Mission: "My vision for our EM ministry is for our group to sow 'the seeds of hope.' To challenge them to bring the good news throughout the whole world."

Message to FKPCO family: "I am so very glad to have you all with me, and to thank all of you as well. I believe very strongly in the vision and mission that God has given this church. I have committed to continue this vision of continuing people to Jesus and His lifestyle. I  am not sure when, where, and how I will personally start my mission within this ministry, but my main goal is to spread the word of God so that it impacts the lives in this community and throughout the world. FKPCO family, I ask you to continue to pray for me and for our church. Lets follow God's great plan."


Skype: sheepsgobaaa
Anna Cat
UCF//Biomedical Sciences 
Secretary & Media
//Middle School Small Group Leader

Apr.23.1994//Kissimmee, Florida
Hobbies & Favorite Activities:
Lounging with doggies, digital drawing, video games, watching movies I’ve already seen 25x, tennis and munching
Favorite Food: Raw Tuna, Tofu, Red Bean Ice Cream//Least Favorite Food: Smelly, smelly jackfruit
Favorite Bible Passage(s):
Ephesians 6:10-20 "I’m always coming back to this passage again and again because it’s a good reminder of who our enemy is; however, it’s a better reminder of who WE ARE and who GOD IS. It never fails to remind me what I’m to do before I step out into this warped world- put on The Armor of God."

 Vision/Mission: "
I pray to see the day when we can all allow the unnecessary walls we put up to finally fall. I pray to see the day when we become a tightly knitted unit: a family. And like a family, we will struggle and cry together, we will share sweet memories and laugh together and we will run and finish together, straight towards our Lord, Jesus Christ."

Message to FKPCO family: "
Yes, I am young and I haven’t experienced all of life yet, but I’m old enough to understand that this world can be painfully difficult to live in. We each have our own struggles, fears and past that continue to hover above our heads like rain clouds. But remember this: God truly loves you and we leaders truly love you. No matter what you’re facing in your life right now, know we are going to be right beside you. Lastly, I want everyone to know this: one of the biggest reasons I know our Lord is a loving and wonderful God is because He has blessed me with the sweetest and awesome-est brothers and sisters- YOU GUYS!"

Drew Hong
Olympia High School '13
Fellowship Coordinator
Middle School Small Group Leader

Mar.23.1995//Seoul, Korea
Hobbies & Favorite Activities: Playing sports, working out, dancing(time to time)
Favorite Food: Korean BBQ//Least Favorite Food: "Eating nothing"
Favorite Bible Passage(s): Matthew 7:1-5 "These things are the most common mistakes we make and don't realize and the things I need to change on"

Vision/Mission: "My vision for our ministry is not to see groups of guys, girls, or what other reason for us to be separated. But as a family loving each other through Christ. Also for us to praise God on Sundays, and not come on Sundays for friends, hanging out or fun. I want to see people crying out for God, singing with a passion. EVERYONE! Singing and NOT caring what anyone thinks of them. Praising isn't for other people but for our God who loves us so much by sending his son for us.'

Message to FKPCO family: "No matter what happens in life know that God is there, in thick and thin. Remember that all trials in life is for a reason no matter how bad the trials in life is. Do not curse God but pray and overcome the trial and you will be better in Christ. DON'T GIVE UP."

Won Kim
UCF//Computer Engineering
Student Leader & Media
High School Small Group Leader

Jan.15.1993//Inchon, Korea
Hobbies & Favorite Activities:
Video Games, reading, music, sleeping
Favorite Food: Rice & Kimchi//Least Favorite Food: Fancy restaurant food
Favorite Bible Passage(s): Psalm 94:14 "
Yes, He cares for you. He is unchanging. He will never, ever give up on you no matter how far you dig yourself down or how many pieces you shatter into. He will pull you up from the deepest pits and He will piece you back together piece by piece no matter how many pieces you’ve shattered into."

Vision/Mission: "
I just want to see everyone develop a strong bond with Christ and each other as this ministry continues to bear its fruit. No matter what we may run into or what may happen to us in the future, I want everyone to know there is always a place that they will be accepted and welcomed as a brother/sister in Christ. God will never deny or give up on anyone. In all, I want everyone to know that this is their permanent home and God is their purpose in life.'

Message to FKPCO family: "
I’m overjoyed just knowing you all are a part of our family! Yeah, I sound a lot
nicer on paper, but don’t ever be intimidated by me! Once you get to know me, you’ll eventually learn I’m actually a pretty pathetic guy! Guys, please know I’m always here to help you get that fire going for God and anything you may be facing in on your road towards Him. There just may be times when you think that everything is falling apart for you, but don’t ever get discouraged. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but God loves you and so do I!

Kyle Hong

Olympia High School '13
Audio & Digital Engineer

DOB: Mar.23.1995//Seoul, Korea
Hobbies & Favorite Activities: Video Games, puzzles, sleeping
Favorite Food: Ramen//Least Favorite Food: Ginseng Root

Favorite Bible Passage(s):John 3:16 "It reminds me of how great God's love is because he gave His one and only Son, so we may be freed of our sin and have eternal life."

Vision/Mission: "I want the ministry to grow in Christ, but not alone, rather together they grow in Christ. I want the ministry to grow together as a family, such as a dependent variable requires an independent variable to change.'

Message to FKPCO family: "Hello. I know that I don't know what you guys are going through or what you guys are suffering from. It might be school, family, friends, whatever it is I hope you remember that you don't have to carry it alone, there is others who can help you lift the burden, however if it is something that you cannot mention remember you have God who knows how you feel and what you are going through, your are never alone."